Yes, actually, I am offended

This four-panel meme has been going around social media again. It shows people in various centuries dying of black plague, working 16-hour days, fighting a war, and, finally in the 2000s, sobbing because they’ve been offended.

The point seems to be that people can’t imagine real tribulation anymore and haven’t any courage, so they’re easily offended. Bullshit.

Let me show you what bravery looks like today:

Bravery is being a young black man at a routine traffic stop.
Bravery is having a mental illness and being poor.
Bravery is being a single mother in an isolated northern community.
Bravery is being overweight and going to the doctor.
Bravery is expecting people to use your pronouns correctly.
Bravery is walking down the street in a hijab or niqab.

Bravery is admitting you have privilege and standing up for those who don’t rather than tearing them down.

It’s your right to make a joke at someone else’s expense, or wear their sacred clothing, and you have the freedom to stereotype and belittle people who are not like you.

If you think causing someone else pain is okay because they’re just not tough enough to take it … then I encourage you to take a deep breath and ask yourself why.

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